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 thermoplastic acrylic resins

acrylic resins -  thermoplastic

Product Code  Solids


Volatile Viscosity@25 C Poise Suggested Uses
Disvacryl-1000 502 Xylene/ 10-20 High quality air drying finishes for metal, wood , concrete and masonry
Disvacryl-1002 502
MTO/    Xylenel 8-12 MTO soluble acrylic coatings for plastic, metal and wood substrate.
Disvacryl-1008 402
Xylene/ Isobutanol 10-20 Rapid drying , flexible resin for industrial coatings
Disvacryl-1009 402
Xylene 5-15 Rapid drying, car refinishing and industrial coatings
Disvacryl-1010 402 Solvent Naphtha 15-25 High quality air drying coatings  with good gloss and durability
Disvacryl-1011 452 Xylene/  Solvent Naphtha 10-25 High quality air domestic appliances with good gloss and durability

acrylic resins - thermosetting

602 Xylene/
8-11 High quality domestic appliances & OEM Automotive Finishes.

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