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 esterified rosin derivatives

esterified rosin derivatives

Product Code Melting Point Range (Capillary) C A. V. Max mgm KOH /gm Viscosity @ 30C of 50% Sol. In Toluene (FCB4) Sec. Tolerance of 50 % soln. in Toluene\ Spirit Colour of 50% Soln. in  on Gardner Scale Suggested Uses
Estergum -751(Penta) 85-95 20 15-20 1:10 to MTO 12 Max  Primers, Undercoats, Aluminium  medium, Adhesives, N. C. lacquers.
Estergum -752(Glycerine) 85-95 18 15-20 1:10 to MTO 12 Max  Adhesives, Wax systems in hot melt adhesives, compatible with vinyl Co-polymers, used in synthetic Floor tile adhesives

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